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Podcast: Hidden Histories of Thai Nuns with Martin Seeger

In this podcast, Martin Seeger from the University of Leeds joins Petra Desatova to talk about his recent book ‘Gender and the Path to Awakening: Hidden Histories of Nuns in Modern Thai Buddhism’ jointly published by Silkworm Books and NIAS Press. Martin shares his insights into how he researched this fascinating topic and how he discovered that an unknown female Buddhist practitioner was the true author of well-known Thai Buddhist texts that had been wrongly attributed to a prominent male monk.

‘Seeger’s book Gender and the Path to Spiritual Awakening pulls to the forefront the hidden histories of influential nuns in Thai Buddhism. This book is a welcome addition to the research on nuns and women in Buddhism’, says Soorakkulame Pemaratana in the review of the book published by Religious Studies Review, which you can read here.It is an important contribution for the study of material religion, gender and Buddhism, and Thai and Southeast Asian studies, both at the graduate and undergraduate levels’, the review continues.

You can buy the paperback edition of this book here. You can also read the introduction of the book as a preview.

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