Democracy in Asia

An often acrimonious East–West debate has arisen on issues of democracy, human rights, good governance, etc. One aim of this series was to augment traditional political studies with more culturally sensitive treatments so that our knowledge of local interpretations of democracy and political legitimacy was improved.


Accordingly, the series encouraged studies of local political structures and political cultures (and their operation within national political processes), new avenues of transitional interaction, and the meeting between what governments interpret as democracy and local cultural and political realities.


The series contributed to the discussion about democracy, democratization and democratic alternatives in Asia, and provided a natural meeting place for scholars working in this field.


Previously edited by Tak-Wing Ngo of Leiden University, The Netherlands, and Hans Antlöv of the Ford Foundation, Jakarta, Indonesia, the series is no longer accepting new manuscripts. Tak-Wing Ngo now edits another NIAS Press book series focused on governance in Asia.