NIAS Press Outlook

NIAS Press Outlook

We are currently working on some exciting projects that will be out within the next few weeks and months! 

Here is a sneak peek to what we are looking forward to

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Coming very soon:

December 2021: ‘Deities and Divas: Queer Ritual Specialists In Myanmar, Thailand and Beyond’, edited by Peter A. Jackson and Benjamin Baumann. 

Jackson-Baumann Cover
days until publication
Deities and Divas is available for purchase as E-book and Hardback in our online shop.

Early 2022:



Spirit Possession in Buddhist Southeast Asia: Worlds Ever More Enchanted’, edited by Bénédicte Brac de la Perrière & Peter A. Jackson


Out in March 2022!






The Work of Gender: Service, Performance and Fantasy in Contemporary Japan’, edited by Gitte Marianne Hansen and Fabio Gygi

 Out in March 2022!


Turner Cover


Fragrant Frontier: Global Spice Entanglements from the Sino-Vietnamese Uplands’, edited by Sarah Turner, Annuska Derks and Jean-François Rousseau


Out in March 2022!




‘From Tribalism to Nationalism: The Anthropological Turn in Laos – A Tribute to Grant Evans’, edited by Yves Goudineau and Vanina Bouté


Out in April 2022!