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NIAS Press at Jin Ping Mei Book Symposium

On Oct 26- 29th 2022 an international symposium on Jin Ping Mei, the famous late 16th century Chinese novel, took place in Copenhagen. 

Organised by Vibeke Børdahl (NIAS) and Søren Møller Christensen (Vandkunsten) with the support of  S.C. Van Foundation, the Carlsberg Foundation and The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, the symposium celebrated two publications: the final volume of a translation of the  novel into Danish by Vibeke (published by Vandkunsten) and a volume bringing together the best research of Jin Ping Mei by both established and emerging scholars (edited by Vibeke with Rick Qi, published by NIAS Press). 

NIAS Press attended the symposium, exhibiting both Vibeke and Rick’s new volume  as well as many of the other works Vibeke has published with NIAS Press over the years. 

Thanks to the Carlsberg Academy, the venue took place in beautiful premises overlooking the Carlsberg Gardens. 

Photo taken at Carlsberg Academy in front of NIAS Press book exhibition. 

To see Vibeke’s full list of publications, click here.  

All ten volume’s of Vibeke’s translations into Danish are published by Vandkunsten and can be purchased 

Short cut to the NIAS Press Book Jin Ping Mei- A Wild Horse in Chinese Literature

Impressions from the Symposium

Carlsberg Academy
Vibeke Presenting
Rick Lintao Qui
Editor in Chief Gerald Jackson
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At the end of the conference, Rick Lintao Qi read out a tribute by one of the world’s leading Sinologists, Prof. Robert Hegel, to Vibeke’s lifelong achievements. 

(See opposite). 

More On the book:

Jin Ping Mei- A Wild Horse in Chinese Literature

Edited by Vibeke Børdahl and Lintao Qi. The present volume draws together the fragmented scholarship on Jin Ping Mei, the late 16th- century novel, and helps future generations to understand this important work.

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