Joining the communication revolution

Joining the communication revolution

In recent years, the Internet revolution has fermented a massive increase in the amount of communication both among scholars and between scholars and other interested parties (NGOs, businesses, etc.). Crucially, there has been rapid innovation in the ways this communication is taking place, with Web 2.0 social networking tools offering functionalities unheard of even five years ago.

NIAS Press has joined this communication revolution. For the moment, we are informing our authors and readers – and helping them to communicate with each other – through news feeds, newsletters, author web pages, and via Press and author blogs. In addition, we are looking at how other Web 2.0 tools can help us reach our ultimate goal – to provide the means for vigorous interaction on Asia between scholars, institutions, businesses and other external actors, but to leave the interaction itself fully in the hands of the different participants.

In time (but not tomorrow) we expect that participants will not only communicate but also create ‘content’ (information that is shaped, reviewed and packaged) that subsequently is disseminated to a wider readership.

We look forward to participating in these exciting, future developments.

Communication here and now

Obviously, it takes time to work with our authors to develop their own web pages and blogs, let alone explore radically new forms of communication. These author contributions are our immediate priority, and over the coming months you will see the results of these efforts with enhanced content and links appearing on our book pages.

Meantime, we trust that you find our current offering of news, web pages and blogs both interesting and informative.