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#Insights into the publishing business

This week, our dear friend and former colleague Marie Yoshida stopped by our office to pick up her hardcopies of ‘Community Still Matters’. The book is our latest addition to the NIAS Press catalogue, and explores with twenty essays multiple aspects of Uyghur culture and work, drawing upon the innovative work of one of the field’s leading figures, Ildikó Bellér-Hann.

Marie (left in the picture) was heavily involved in the organization and administration of our recent contribution. She was also responsible for the cover design. When asked about  that experience , she expresses  relief that the color of the cover turned out blue and not purple. Editor-in-Chief Gerald (picture to the right) explains the complications that come with designing coves today. On screen regularly only 3 colors can be displayed (red, green and blue), whereas the actual printer uses four colors (cyan, yellow, magenta, black) when materializing the book. With regards to ‘Community Still Matters’, Marie explains how she went to  the university print facilities to get a test- print of (what she thought was) the final cover. Turns out, the color was just not right and needed adjustment .   Subsequently , ‘Community Still Matters’ cover page now shines in deep blue, resonating well with the illustration of Marwayit Hapiz (2003).   

We thank Marie loads for all her work and support, which was so crucial for the success of the publication of the book. Tak also for stopping by and hopefully see you soon!

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