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Gerald Jackson on stage

Editor-in-Chief receives EuroSEAS distinguished prize 2022

#Insights into the publishing business

Gerald Jackson, editor-in-chief of NIAS Press, received a special award at the European Association for Southeast Asian Studies conference in Paris last month. He was given a distinguished prize for 2022 in recognition of his ‘commitment to high-quality publishing and major contributions to Southeast Asian Studies’.

This award – which was a complete surprise to Gerald – is a richly deserved moment of recognition for someone who generally prefers to toil behind the scenes, promoting his authors while largely effacing his own remarkable role in creating hundreds of wonderful academic books over the past many years. 

We express our warmest congratulations!

Gerald Jackson has guided hundreds of authors through to publication as editor in chief of NIAS Press, Denmark, and is committed to keeping the Press at the forefront of technological developments.