Governance in Asia

Most Asian countries have experienced radical social transformation in the past decades. Some have undergone democratization, yet are still plagued by problems of political instability, official malfeasance, and weak administration. Others have embraced market liberalization, but are threatened by rampant rent seeking and business capture.


Without exception, they all face the challenge of effective governance. This new book series focused on Governance in Asia explores how Asian societies and markets are governed in the rapidly changing world.


The series will explore the problem of governance from an Asian perspective. It encourages studies sensitive to the autochthony and hybridity of Asian history and development, which locate the issue of governance within specific meanings of rule and order, structures of political authority, and mobilization of institutional resources distinctive to the Asian context.


The series aims to publish timely and well-researched books that will have the cumulative effect of developing theories of governance pertinent to Asian realities.


The series editor is Tak-Wing Ngo of Leiden University, The Netherlands.


Cambodia Votes

Democracy, Authority and International Support for Elections 1993–2013

Michael Luke Sullivan

Governance in Asia # 5
Hardback - 2016, Available
ISBN 978-87-7694-186-4, £65
Paperback - 2016, Available
ISBN 978-87-7694-187-1, £22.50

China’s Contested Internet

Edited by Guobin Yang

Governance in Asia # 4
Hardback - 2015, Available
ISBN 978 87 7694 175 8, £50
Paperback - 2015, Available
ISBN 978 87 7694 176 5, £22.50

Governing Civil Service Pay in China

Alfred M. Wu

Governance in Asia # 3
Hardback - 2014, Available
ISBN 978-87-7694-143-7, £50
Paperback - 2014, Available
ISBN 978-87-7694-144-4, £18.99

Negotiating Autonomy in Greater China

Hong Kong and its Sovereign Before and After 1997

Edited by Ray Yep

Governance in Asia # 2
Hardback - 2013, Available
ISBN 978 87 7694 119 2, £50.00
Paperback - 2013, Available
ISBN 978 87 7694 120 8, £19.99

Politicized Society

Taiwan’s Struggle with its One-Party Past

Mikael Mattlin

Governance in Asia # 1
Hardback - 2017, In production
ISBN 978-87-7694-212-0, £65.00
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Paperback - 2017, In production
ISBN 978-87-7694-213-7, £23.00
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Politicized Society

The Long Shadow of Taiwan's One-Party Legacy

Mikael Mattlin

Governance in Asia # 1
Hardback - 2011, Available
ISBN 978 87 7694 061 4, £50.00
Paperback - 2011, Available
ISBN 978 87 7694 062 1, £18.99
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