Ideas, Society and Politics in Northeast Asia and Northern Europe

Worlds Apart, Learning From Each Other

edited by Ras Tind Nielsen and Geir Helgesen

248 pp., illus.,
Asia Insights # 1

Paperback - 2012, Available
ISBN 978 87 7694 100 0, £17.99

  • Highlights the parallels and differences between East Asia and the Nordic region.
  • Explores how both regions have much to learn from each other.
  • Offers challenges to scholars and policy-makers from both regions.

This intriguing volume explains why, after centuries of Western scholars studying Asia, Asian scholars are beginning to study Western societies in return.

Responding to the rise of Nordic studies in China, Japan and Korea, the authors explore how economic success in East Asia is raising issues – like how to deal with an ageing population, income redistribution and provision of social security – that have long been addressed in the Nordic region. Conversely, the Nordic countries have much to learn from the dynamism and flexibility found in East Asia today. Yet, the authors also show how cultural and political differences pose challenges to mutual understanding and learning.

The essays offer a challenging point of reference for scholars and policy-makers from both regions.

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  • Aug. 9 2019
    Carol Ann Boshier's book 'Mapping Cultural Nationalism: The Scholars of the Burma Research Society,1910-1935' has been shortlisted for the EuroSEAS Humanities Book Prize 2019. Congratulations!

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