Four Masters of Chinese Storytelling

Full-length Repertoires of Yangzhou Storytelling on Video

edited by Vibeke Børdahl, Fei Li & Huang Ying

415 pp., illustrated
NIAS Studies in Asian Topics # 35
Available from NIAS Press worldwide

Hardback & VCD - 2004, Available
ISBN 978 87 91114 64 9, £65.00

• Offers access to and brings alive unique materials on the Chinese storytelling traditions.
• First time that storytellers? repertoires are registered in their
• Useful for students of Chinese culture by serving as a bilingual guide to the great masterworks of the Chinese novel (Three Kingdoms, Water Margin, Journey to the West).

This volume has its origins in the project 'Large-scale Registration of Chinese Storytelling', which involved the recording on film of 360 hours of performances by the four masters of Yangzhou storytelling, Dai Buzhang, Fei Zhengliang, Gao Zaihua and Ren Jitang. Four sets of these films have been deposited (in Washington D.C., Taipei, Beijing and openhagen) so that future generations of scholars will have access to this unique material.

The purpose of Four Masters is two-fold: first, it functions a guide to the collections in situ (and one, moreover, that by its availability in libraries worldwide will promote further research into this material); second, with its introductory chapters, teller autobiographies, performances and catalogue entries (plus the audio-visual material), it stands as an independent and valuable contribution to research in Asian oral traditions. With all text appearing in both English and Chinese and with its subject matter brought alive by a wealth of photographs plus 60-minute film on VCD, this volume promises to be a classic work in its field.

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