Democracy and National Identity in Thailand

by Michael Kelly Connors

312 pp.,
Studies in Contemporary Asian History # 7
Available from NIAS Press worldwide

Paperback - 2006, Available
ISBN 978 87 7694 002 7, £19.99

This revised and updated edition of the widely praised Democracy and National Identity in Thailand provides readers with a fascinating discussion of how debates about democracy and national identity in Thailand have evolved from the period of counter-insurgency in the 1960s to the current (post-coup) period.

Focusing on state- and civil society-centred democratic projects, Connors uses original Thai language sources to trace how the Thai state developed a democratic ideology that meshed with idealized notions of Thai identity, focusing on the monarchy. The book moves on to explore how non-state actors have mobilized notions of democracy and national identity in their battle against authoritarian rule.

A new chapter explores the fate of the democratic project under the Thaksin regime. Using an approach applicable to the study of other democratizing societies, Democracy and National Identity in Thailand invites readers to explore democratic ideology as a form of power aimed at creating ideal citizens able to support elite national projects.

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