The Contours of Mass Violence in Indonesia, 1965-1968

Edited by Douglas Kammen and Katharine McGregor

320 pp., illus.,
For sale in Europe only

Paperback - 2012, Available
ISBN 978 87 7694 110 9, £18.99

  •  Uncovers a painful chapter in Indonesian history.
  • Presents case studies from across Indonesia on the violence directed against the political left from 1965 until 1968.
  • Will interest students of Indonesia and those researching mass violence, counter-revolution and the Cold War.

The so-called counter coup by General Suharto in 1965 unleashed three year of mass violence aimed at destroying the social bases of President Sukarno's left-leaning Guided Democracy and establishing a military regime that was authoritarian and pro-Western.  In the process, hundreds of thousands of people were killed, tortured, imprisoned and/or faced ongoing discrimination.

This volume helps uncover more details of this painful chapter in Indonesian history.  Students of Indonesia will learn much from the accounts in this volume, but the discussion will also benefit scholars concerned with the dynamics of mass violence, the Cold War, regime change and counter-revolution.

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