Gendering Asia is a well-established and exciting series addressing the ways in which societal powers intersect with the constructions of gender, sex, sexuality and the body in Asian societies.

The series invites discussion of how people shape their gendered identities and become shaped by by the very societies in which they live. The series is concerned with the region as a whole in order to capture the wide range of understandings and practices that are found in East, Southeast and South Asian societies with respect to gendered roles and relations in various social, political, religious and economic contexts.

As a multidisciplinary series, Gendering Asia explores theoretical, empirical and methodological issues in the social sciences.

The series has developed out of and is closely associated with the Gendering Asia Network which is supported by NordForsk and provides Nordic scholars with a forum to interact and exchange research results and ideas. A key aim of the network is to support and encourage Nordic research on gender in Asia.

The series editors are Wil Burghoorn of Gothenburg University; Monica Lindberg Falk of Lund University; and Pauline Stoltz of Aalborg University. 

This series is a part of a major effort to present a complete illustrated and annotated catalogue of Oriental manuscripts, xylographs, etc. held at the Royal Library in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

This series presents innovative research monographs about any part of Asia but the emphasis is on East and Southeast Asia with most volumes falling within the social sciences and history.