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from Press News, posted 10/27/2010 - 12:40

We are surrounded by boxes spilling lovely new books as we dig into the latest delivery from our printers. It is such a long - and sometimes such a winding - road from idea to final product, so the day when all the intellectual endeavours of author and publisher finally appear in their physical form is worth a celebration.

Do you know, just as there is a special, wonderful dead acoustic feeling in a bookshop, so there is a special, wonderful chemical smell to a box of brand new books. And then there is the proud task of putting copies out on the lunch table for all the colleagues to see, and popping a sample up on our office display, and giving the go-ahead for the first several boxes to be shared out among the author, the reviewers and our distributors.

This week, the books offering us great pleasure are

Also just in is the new paperback edition of Gerhard van den Top's book The Social Dynamics of Deforestation in the Philippines.

And lastly, even at-lastly, we are about to release on the world a flood of Robert Cribb's long-awated Digital Atlas of Indonesian History, copies of which should be dispatched from our various warehouses next week.

Not a bad haul, even if we say so ourselves!


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  • Aug. 9 2019
    Carol Ann Boshier's book 'Mapping Cultural Nationalism: The Scholars of the Burma Research Society,1910-1935' has been shortlisted for the EuroSEAS Humanities Book Prize 2019. Congratulations!

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