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2009 was a challenging year for all businesses, and academic publishing did not escape unscathed. At NIAS Press we have had the feeling throughout the year that we were just about holding steady - which was quite pleasing since many publishers around us were reporting drops in sales, sometimes so large that budget cuts had to follow. But you never really know until you've published your last book of the year, and until the last month has passed without any huge returns of stock from over-optimistic booksellers.

But it is now official: NIAS Press has grown sales at a very pleasing rate despite the severe general downturn. Like for like, our 2009 European sales are up by 12.4% compared to 2008, and though one last figure is still outstanding it looks like our US sales have grown by even more. Asian and Australian numbers won't arrive until later, but if they follow this trend we have every reason to be deeply satisfied with NIAS Press' performance in 2009.

The natural question to ask is why NIAS Press has grown while many other presses have struggled. The answer is almost certainly a combination of factors. Some really good books by authors we are proud and happy to be working with, a greater focus on showing our books at academic conferences around the world, this new and much improved and expanded website, and various tweaks and changes to our distribution arrangements are likely to be some of the major elements. We also like to think that our books stand out by being well edited, well produced and well priced.

The challenge will be to keep up this positive trend in 2010. We are hoping that our soon-to-be-launched e-newsletter, several very promising new book series, and a major push at the EuroSEAS conference in August will help keep us firmly on track. Happy New Year!



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  • Aug. 9 2019
    Carol Ann Boshier's book 'Mapping Cultural Nationalism: The Scholars of the Burma Research Society,1910-1935' has been shortlisted for the EuroSEAS Humanities Book Prize 2019. Congratulations!

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