Snow beyond, bubbles inside

from Press News, posted 01/26/2013 - 22:21

The hours can be long but not all aspects of publishing involve a hard slog. The occasional celebration also comes our way.

Outside a chill wind gave a sharp edge to the sub-zero temperatures last Friday but, inside the Royal Library's Black Diamond building on Copenhagen's waterfront, warm cheer plus champagne and oysters (and many other goodies) were on offer.

The occasion was a celebration of the career and achievements of Stig T. Rasmussen (seated in photo), now retiring after many years as the head of the Royal Library's Orientalia and Judaica department. Stig is also series editor of the library's COMDC series, which aims at providing a complete set of catalogues of the Oriental collections in the Library. To date, 11 works have been published in the series, the last four of which have been produced by NIAS Press. These are fantastically detailed and special reference works of immense value to scholars working on old manuscripts (more details here).

Happily, Stig is staying on at the Library for a while to oversee the completion of two more volumes in the series, one on Chinese manuscripts, the other on Persian. More about these major works at a later date.


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