Snakes and ladders

from Press News, posted 02/13/2013 - 16:19

Chinese New Year is upon us and with it the Year of the Snake. While few NIAS books discuss snakes to any great extent (with one exception to be revealed in a following post), for quite a few of our authors the Press has certainly proved to be a ladder for academic success.

(Happily, no NIAS book has proved to be a ‘snake’ affecting the fortunes of its author!)

With that thought in mind, we are happy to report where the following books are on the production ladder:

1) After the Great East Japan Earthquake: Political and Policy Change in Post-Fukushima Japan, edited by Dominic Al-Badri and Gijs Berends, was delivered to the printer today. Copies will be out in the next few weeks, especially in Japan for the second anniversary of the 11 March earthquake/tsunami.

2) Wu Song Fights the Tiger: The Interaction of Oral and Written Traditions in the Chinese Novel, Drama and Storytelling by Vibeke Børdahl is nearly ready for indexing. This immensely complicated layout involves the careful use of colour. As such, it will be printed probably in Singapore with copies available in May.

3) Dialogue with North Korea? Preconditions for Talking Human Rights With the Hermit Kingdom by Geir Helgesen and Hatla Thelle is about to be typeset. Copies will be available by mid-March.

4) Power and Dissent in Imperial Japan: Three Forms of Political Engagement by Hiromi Sasamoto-Collins is also ready for typesetting. We would expect copies to be available by early April but will be aiming to exhibit an advance copy (minus the index) at the AAS Annual Meeting in San Diego in six weeks time.

5) Hot Science, High Water: Assembling Nature, Society and Environmental Policy in Contemporary Vietnam by Eren Zink has just been edited but the author has not yet seen the edited ms, let alone agreed to/implemented all of the changes. With luck we can have this book out in late April, otherwise note your calendar for a May arrival.

6) Negotiating Autonomy in Greater China: Hong Kong and its Sovereign Before and After 1997, edited by Ray Yep, has just been sent for editing. We announced a June delivery date and that sounds about right.

7) Beyond the Singapore Girl: Discourses of Gender and Nation in Singapore, by Chris Hudson, is also being prepared for editing. We would have liked to have this book out in May but a wee bit later is probably more realistic.

In addition to these new titles, we have another five titles on the go and several more are brewing that haven't been announced yet.

Watch this space!


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