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from Press News, posted 02/12/2013 - 11:24

Look what Tippe just came with!

 A long time ago (it feels) we sold world Arabic rights in the book Constructing Singapore by Michael Barr and Zlatko Skrbiš to an organisation based in Abu Dhabi. A few minutes ago, a carton with 10 copies of the freshly printed Arabic edition arrived here at NIAS Press.

NIAS secretary, Tippe Eisner, with the Arabic edition of "Constructing Singapore"

Frankly, I don’t understand a word inside these copies but I’m not worried. Verification of the translation is always part of any agreement we sign for such a foreign-language edition.

And what we do know is that this ‘rigorously researched book’ – ‘an invaluable study and critique of [Singapore’s] elitist mechanisms and processes’, which is ‘essential reading for anyone wishing to study further the nature of elite rule in Singapore and in particular the stark realities that underpin that elitism’ (etc., etc. – there have been many positive reviews) – is now available to a whole new readership. We are certain these readers will find it a compelling study.



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