The Rolls Royce of publishing

from Press News, posted 01/22/2012 - 15:14

Sometimes when you get a compliment, the sun shines and you simply have to share the moment. Here is one such occasion. In reply to a New Year greeting sent recently to an old author, I received the following response:

Ten days ago I had dinner with someone who knows the publishing world well and whose opinion I respect a lot, and we discussed my publications strategy. That’s because I’m leaving [somewhere in Asia] in the year of the dragon, back to live in [Europe], with several books in my head.

Anyway, when I asked about NIAS, the comment was: “NIAS Press is the Rolls Royce of publishing in our field”. I thought that’s great, as there are other reasons too why I’d like to publish there.

That made my Sunday.

Mind you, there’s something wrong here. We may aim for Rolls Royce quality in our publications but our prices? That is another matter entirely. As noted in our news item from last week, we aim to make all of our books affordable.


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