A ‘must-read’ book indeed

from Press News, posted 01/27/2010 - 13:33

We always knew that Sean Turnell’s Fiery Dragons was a top-notch study and this was quickly confirmed by Bertil Lintner (never someone to give soft reviews) who called it a ‘a must-read’ in his review in the Far Eastern Economic Review. Ian Brown followed up last November with a warm and detailed review published at EH.Net. And today we received a new review by Peter J. Drake published in Asian-Pacific Economic Literature. If you have access to the journal online, then the link is here. Otherwise, here is a taster from what Professor Drake writes:

Monograph case studies of money and finance in developing countries are scarce and scholarly contemporary works on Burma are even rarer. So this fine book on money and finance in Burma is doubly welcome. […] The book is skilfully constructed and developed. Each chapter is essentially an historical narrative, interwoven with thematic and institutional material. Clarity of understanding is greatly assisted by an introductory section on structure and outline, a timeline of events and, within each chapter, an opening synopsis. […] Turnell has given us a most engaging work, in which substantial historical and empirical research is blended with serious and correct analysis. The book is well-fitted to stand among the other authoritative case studies of financial development in the countries of Southeast Asia.


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