‘Cambodians and Their Doctors’ launched in Phnom Penh

from Press News, posted 01/15/2010 - 09:57

 To date we haven’t received an advance copy of Cambodians and Their Doctors at the Press but the authors have. A whole lot of copies of the book were rushed from our Singapore printer to the authors in Phnom Penh so that a proper book launch could be held before their departure home to Sweden today.

Jan Ovesen reports that the launch at Monument Books went well. Both authors and the bookseller were happy, with 40 people attending and a healthy number of sales. He adds:

We have also given an interview to the Cambodia Daily, they will do a feature in the weekend magazine, scheduled for next Saturday. … I [also] gave an interview this morning to a Cambodian journalist who will present the book on his (Khmer language) TV programme. This will not necessarily boost the sales significantly, but it is not unimportant that the work becomes known. On the whole, the promotion here has been a very nice experience, a suitable end of our visit …

Now this is a good example of how to promote your book!



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