Victor T. King

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Victor T.

Victor T. King is currently Professor of Borneo Studies, Institute of Asian Studies, Universiti Brunei Darussalam and has been engaged in a range of research and teaching programs at the University of Leeds, University of Hull, University of London and Chiang Mai University, Thailand. He has long-standing interests in the sociology and anthropology of Southeast Asia, in such diverse fields as social and cultural change, development, tourism and heritage, ethnicity and identity, multidisciplinary area studies, and museum and photographic studies.

Books by this author

UNESCO in Southeast Asia

World Heritage Sites in Comparative Perspective

• First study to provide a region-wide multidisciplinary analysis of many of the major cultural and natural World Heritage Sites in SE Asia.

• Examines the local, national and global pressures (including tourism development) being exerted on these often fragile sites and the interaction between different stakeholders and interest groups.

• Presents findings and recommendations to feed into policy, management and decision-making on these sites.

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The Sociology of Southeast Asia

Transformations in a Developing Region

Fills a great gap in the social science of Southeast Asia with its comprehensive and integrated treatment of the important sociological and political economy writings on the region. Essential undergraduate text and useful postgraduate reference.