Peter A. Jackson

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Peter A. Jackson is Emeritus Professor in Thai cultural history at the Australian National University. Over the past four decades, he has written extensively on religion, gender and sexuality in modern Thailand as well as critical approaches to Asian area studies. His ongoing research includes studying media and masculinity in Thai gay cultures and religion and ritual in Thai communities affected by HIV.

Books by this author

Spirit Possession in Buddhist Southeast Asia

Worlds Ever More Enchanted

Buddhist Southeast Asia is currently witnessing an upsurge of spirit cults and diverse forms of magical ritual. This is found in many social strata and across the different political systems of Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. This volume examines the phenomenon by exploring the interplay of neoliberal capitalism, visual media, the network cultures of the Internet, and the politics of cultural heritage and identity. Challenging long-held assumptions of modernization theory, it demonstrates that the cults in question are novel ritual forms that emerge out of inherently modern conditions.

Deities and Divas

Queer Ritual Specialists in Myanmar, Thailand and Beyond

The first book to trace commonalities between queer and religious cultures in Southeast Asia and the West, Deities and Divas details the very prominent roles that gay men and trans women are playing in the spirit medium cults rapidly growing in Myanmar, Thailand and beyond.