Natasha Pairaudeau

Natasha Pairaudeau is an independent Cambridge-based scholar. She conducted research in Vietnam’s uplands as a social development consultant before undertaking a PhD in history at the University of London (SOAS, 2009). Her broad research interests include migration and its role in spurring social and political change, with a focus on South and Southeast Asia. In addition to her long-standing interest in Indochina’s migrant Indians, her research projects include studies of intermarriage and transnational family life in Southeast Asia, and specific histories of free migration to the region (Indian milkmen in Southeast Asia, Cambodia’s Shan gem miners).  She is currently at work on a project tracing the exile and political intrigues of the Burmese Prince Myingun in India and Indochina.

Books by this author

Mobile Citizens

French Indians in Indochina, 1858–1954

• First in-depth study of the Indian presence in French Indochina.
• Provides a lively account of complexity and conflicts over citizenship within the French empire.
• Offers a new perspective on the rise of inter-Asian migration from the late nineteenth century.