Geoffrey C. Gunn

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Geoffrey Gunn is an emeritus professor at Nagasaki University. He is a widely written scholar in Asian history, most notably on the independence struggles in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. His works on Southeast Asia include Political Struggles in Laos, 1930–1954, Rebellion in Laos, and Rice Wars in Colonial Vietnam.

Books by this author

The Nagasaki Peace Discourse

City Hall and the Quest for a Nuclear Free World

Monarchical Manipulation in Cambodia

France, Japan, and the Sihanouk Crusade for Independence

• First book to explain the agency of Cambodian monarchs in the face of broader colonial manipulation and international power plays. • Explores the historic interplay of charismatic power and political patronage in Cambodia. • Focuses on the tumultuous wartime and early post-war events surrounding Sihanouk’s ‘crusade’ for Cambodia’s independence.