Damrong Tayanin/Kàm Ràw

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Kàm Ràw (1938–2011) grew up in a Kammu village in northern L

Kàm Ràw (1938–2011) grew up in a Kammu village in northern Laos. He came to Sweden in 1974 to work in Kristina Lindell’s Kammu project. Under his Lao name Damrong Tayanin, he was the author or co-author of several books on Kammu folktales and the traditional Kammu lifestyle.

Books by this author

Dictionary of Kammu Yùan Language and Culture

  •  A unique reference work detailing Kammu life, language and culture.
  • First comprehensive dictionary for any SE Asian minority language.
  • Encyclopaedic entries contain a wealth of linguistic and cultural information, and much on plant medicine.

Hunting and Fishing in a Kammu Village

Revisiting a Classic Study in Southeast Asian Ethnography

  • Offers a unique indigenous account of Kammu life.
  • A fascinating, illustrated description of hunting and fishing technologies and practices.