Bertil Lintner

Bertil Lintner

Bertil Lintner is an award-winning Swedish journalist, author and strategic consultant who lives in Thailand and has been writing about Asia for nearly four decades. Mainly focusing on organized crime (including the drug trade), ethnic and political insurgencies, and regional security, he has written extensively about Myanmar to which he returns with this study. He first visited the Wa area when it was controlled by communist insurgents, the only foreign journalist to do so, and has returned since.

Books by this author

The Wa of Myanmar

And China’s Quest for Global Dominance

  • A compelling account of ethnic conflict, drug barons and Chinese geopolitical ambitions.
  • A rare, close-up look at the Wa of northeast Myanmar, a little-known hill people whose armed forces are the largest and best-equipped military non-state actor in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Reveals how the Wa have come to play a pivotal role in Beijing’s current efforts to extend its influence in Myanmar.
  • Maps how China’s Belt and Road Initiative intersects with the Golden Triangle.