Andrew Hardy

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Andrew Hardy, Historian of Vietnam

Andrew Hardy, Historian of Vietnam

Andrew Hardy (b. 1966) was educated in England, France and Australia (PhD, Australian National University, 1999). He specialises in the history of Vietnamese migration and relations with neighbouring peoples in Southeast Asia. Since 2002, he has headed the Hanoi centre of the École française d’Extrême-Orient (EFEO). His first book – Red Hills: Migrants and the State in the Highlands of Vietnam – was published by NIAS Press (2003) and awarded the Harry J. Benda Prize for Non-Fiction on Southeast Asia by the Asian Studies Association (2005). Nowadays, he regularly conducts fieldwork on the post-Champa period in Central Vietnam, and the Vietnamese communities in Laos and Thailand.

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Red Hills

Migrants and the State in the Highlands of Vietnam

Winner of the 2005 Harry J. Benda Prize. Several million rural inhabitants of Vietnam’s northern deltas migrated to the highlands during the 20th century, many in response to policy decisions taken in Hanoi. Their settlements had equally wide-ranging effects on their home communities and on their destinations. This book offers a historical analysis of the political economy of this migration and shows how socialist policies in particular have changed the faces of the highlands.