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from Press News, posted 07/22/2009 - 10:48

One of the first signs of summer is that the university teaching rooms and student areas grow quiet. A little later the offices begin to empty of their sun-starved occupants, and a balmy quiet settles in along the corridors of universities and research institutes everywhere. What this really represents for those left behind is a marvellous opportunity to concentrate and really get some work done without the constant interruptions of phones ringing and urgent e-mails pinging and hurried colleagues waiting in the door for a word.

At NIAS Press, we're taking it in turns to keep the concern going, so over the summer there is never less than one but rarely more than two staff at work at any one time. But you wouldn't necessarily know that from our output.  Several things have recently gone to print, much material has been produced for coming conferences, our first digitally printed books have been delivered and have impressed us with their good looks, and the editorial department is busily putting together material for our next catalogue which is due out in late September or early October.

Authors will be particularly pleased to hear that we are now sending out our new-look royalty statements. If you have not received yours within the next two weeks, that will probably be because we do not have a current address for you - in which case, please get in touch with [email protected] who will disptach your statement forthwith.


from Press News, posted 07/01/2009 - 14:23

It has been a much larger task than we anticipated to get this new NIAS Press website up an running - which may be just as well. Had we know how much time, effort and occasionally also frustration it would entail, we might have hesitated before planning such a sweeping overhaul of our old site.

In this case, ignorance was (short-lived) bliss, and once started the project took on a life and momentum of its own. We are not quite done yet - perhaps, like gardens, websites are never completely done - but are very satisfied indeed with the result so far.

We would like to take the opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Danish East Asia Company (Oestasiatisk Kompagni) for the generous grant which made much of this work possible, and which has provided very helpful impetus along the way.


Welcome to the new NIAS Press website!
from Press News, posted 05/20/2009 - 16:00

We are very pleased and also a bit proud to present the all-new NIAS Press website. We hope you will enjoy browsing our material here, whether visiting as a reader to find out about our books, our authors and our activities, or visiting as an author to find editorial advice, upgrade your personal or book profiles or contact an editor.

 This new site has involved completely redesigning the appearance of every webpage, the addition of many new functions and features, and a great enrichment of the data available about each of our books.

 Inevitably when one carries out such a large task, errors sneak in here and there, and we hope that you will bear with us in the early days – or even better, let us know when you find something that looks wrong or is hard to use. All comments and corrections are very gratefully received by [email protected].


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  • Apr. 9 2019



    The Jade Bracelet


    by Mega Vristian


    That year winter in Hong Kong was longer than usual. I had to wear several layers of warm clothing. There was no heater in the apartment where I worked, perhaps because my employer wanted to save on the electricity. The weather should have been warmer, now that Chinese New Year was approaching.

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