Vietnam or Indochina?

Contesting Concepts of Space in Vietnamese Nationalism, 1887-1954

by Christopher E. Goscha

154 pp., illustrated
NIAS Reports # 28
Out of print - new edition under preparation

Paperback - 1995,
ISBN 978 87 87062 43 5, £

Shows how the communists' conception of an Indochinese space was grounded in the French colonial transport, communication and bureaucratic systems but above all in the French attempt to forge a French-led Indochinese federation.

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    The Jade Bracelet


    by Mega Vristian


    That year winter in Hong Kong was longer than usual. I had to wear several layers of warm clothing. There was no heater in the apartment where I worked, perhaps because my employer wanted to save on the electricity. The weather should have been warmer, now that Chinese New Year was approaching.

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