UNESCO in Southeast Asia

World Heritage Sites in Comparative Perspective

Edited by Victor T. King

384 pp., Illustrated
NIAS Studies in Asian Topics # 55
Available from NIAS Press worldwide

Hardback - 2015, Available
ISBN 978 87 7694 173 4, £65
Paperback - 2015, Available
ISBN 978 87 7694 174 1, £25

  • First study to provide a region-wide multidisciplinary analysis of many major cultural and natural World Heritage Sites in SE Asia.

  • Examines the local, national and global pressures (including tourism development) being exerted on these often fragile sites and the interaction between different stakeholders and interest groups.

  • Presents findings and recommendations to feed into policy, management and decision-making on these sites.

Southeast Asia’s 36 UNESCO World Heritage Sites make a significant contribution to their respective country’s national prestige and identity, international profile and tourism development plans. Yet, although much is known about some individual sites like Angkor and Borobudur, we know very little about all sites in comparative terms. This wide-ranging study explores how both cultural and natural sites are being managed, how they are coping with the conflicting pressures from the global, national and local levels, and points to best practices for their future conservation and development. The first volume to address issues raised by world heritage in Southeast Asia, it will be a key resource for academic researchers and for policy- and decision-makers in this field of studies.

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