Afghanistan Beyond the Fog of War

Persistent Failure of a Rentier State

Michael Fredholm

NIAS Monographs # 143
Hardback - 2018, Recently Published
ISBN 978-87-7694-250-2, £75.00
Paperback - 2018, Recently Published
ISBN 978-87-7694-251-9, £25.00

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Eurasian Geopolitics

New Directions, Perspectives, and Challenges

Edited by Michael Fredholm

Asia Insights # 2
Paperback - 2012, Available
ISBN 978 87 7694 107 9, £18.99

The Nagasaki Peace Discourse

City Hall and the Quest for a Nuclear Free World

Geoffrey C. Gunn

Paperback - 2019, In production
ISBN 978-87-7694-274-8, £9.50
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