Breast Cancer Meanings

Journeys Across Asia

Cynthia Chou and Miriam Koktvedgaard Zeitzen (eds)

NIAS Studies in Asian Topics # 63
Hardback - 2018, In production
ISBN 978-87-7694-241-0, £65
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Paperback - 2018, In production
ISBN 978-87-7694-242-7, £22.50
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Catalogue of Persian Manuscripts

Codices Persici, Codices Eyseriani, Codex Persicus Add.

Irmeli Perho

COMDC series # 8.2
Hardback - 2017, Available
ISBN 978-87-7694-216-8, £225

Catalogue of Arabic Manuscripts

Codices Arabici and Codices Arabici Additamenta; Volume 1-3

by Irmeli Perho

COMDC series # 5.3
Hardback, 3 vols - 2008, Available
ISBN 978 87 7694 012 6, £200.00
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