Catalogue of Ethiopic Manuscripts

Denis Nosnitsin

208 pp., 109 illustrations, many in colour
COMDC series # 11

Hardback - 2018, Available
ISBN 978-87-7694-231-1, £160

• Essential reference to the Ethiopic manuscript holdings at the Royal Library, Copenhagen.
• A major addition to catalogued Ethiopic manuscripts worldwide.
• Detailed entries including transcriptions and illustrations enabling scholars to identify material.

This new catalogue describes the Ethiopian collection of the Royal Library, Copenhagen, and represents a significant advance in the number of Ethiopic manuscripts catalogued worldwide. A diverse collection spanning the Ethiopian Christian manuscript culture and literature, it includes 24 parchment codices, 4 parchment scrolls and 2 paper codices. The biggest group comprises parchment manuscripts that were produced and used in the indigenous context of Christian Ethiopia. A few items (paper manuscripts and the print) are linked to European scholars such as H. Ludolf and L. Goldschmidt, and reflect their research interests. The main language of this material is Ethiopic (Ge’ez), followed by Amharic and a few non-Ethiopian languages.
     Designed especially as an essential source of reference for scholars working in all aspects of manuscript studies, the catalogue includes over 77 full-page illustrations (many in colour) that help to identify the texts and give a glimpse of the scribal styles and practices as well as decorative elements in the manuscripts.

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