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from Press News, posted 04/18/2013 - 23:07

So, another London Book Fair is over. Thankfully, I escaped London ahead of any traffic gridlock arising from Maggie Thatcher’s funeral and now have a few things to ponder – and even discuss. I am not alone, it appears. @Gollanz on Twitter has offered the following observation: ‘90% of people who attend #lbf13 reoffend within two weeks - talking about books to family or even complete strangers.’

Running between Monday and Wednesday this week, the fair attracted a healthy number of attendees (though the aisles are still not as crowded as they were a decade ago.) For many attendees, the rights deals are the main thing. These, however, we usually leave till the far bigger Frankfurt fair in October or simply with an e-mail at other times. No, what makes the LBF special are its publishing seminars and the chance to sniff out interesting new developments in the publishing world.

This year the Indians were out in force, busy promoting their pre-press services and all manner of fancy e-book conversion suites. Somehow the glitz looked a tad faded this time (and even the digital seminars on offer were a bit of a yawn).

One also hears that some publishers who happily outsourced their production work to India a few years ago are now bringing significant bits home again (making me wonder at the rationale of Cambridge University Press recently doing the opposite).

What was fascinating to see, however, was how much the LBF is becoming a venue for authors. More about that in a follow-up post.


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