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from Press News, posted 01/19/2012 - 14:40

In the lead-up to Taiwan’s presidential election last weekend, Jonathan Sullivan of the University of Nottingham wrote:

The China Quarterly recently asked me to review Mikael Mattlin’s book Politicized Society: The long shadow of Taiwan’s one-party legacy (2011, Copenhagen: NIAS). I’m glad they did, because it is terrific. I have excerpted the more relevant bits of the review below. If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’ll want to get hold of this book. It is highly recommended (and available as a relatively inexpensive paperback).


[I]n this carefully reasoned and strongly argued book (which avoids regressing into polemics despite the major thrust and substantive implications of its theories), Mikael Mattlin provides one of the most cogent arguments yet that many aspects of Taiwan’s democratic consolidation remain incomplete.

There is much, much more. Jonathan Sullivan’s full review will appear in The China Quarterly in the near future. Meantime, you can read much of his review in his blog posting on the subject.


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