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from Press News, posted 05/05/2011 - 09:15

Books have many virtues but they don’t often scratch their nose or look the reader straight in the eye. One of the ways that NIAS Press is working to change that in a small way is by filming interviews with authors, letting them speak directly to their readers. These will be posted on the author’s web page as well as on YouTube.

Recently, at the ICAS-AAS conference in Honolulu, we were pleased to film quite a few authors and these will be coming online soon. Meantime, a series of interviews filmed at the 2010 Euroseas conference in Gothenburg last August will be rolled out in the next few days.

First up is Gerhard Hoffstaedter, who discusses the complex issue of Islam and identity in Malaysia and recounts how he became interested in this subject. His book, Modern Muslim Identities, was released recently in hardback. The paperback is currently being printed and will be available soon. Meantime, here is Gerhard’s interview.


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